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Cripple Creek Outlaw & Lawmen Museum

Built in 1901 the building operated until 1992 as the Teller County Jail.  Today the jail serves as a museum dedicated to the Outlaws and Lawmen of Colorado’s early years.  Where many of the jail’s current visitors have reported hearing voices from he empty cell block and some even report seeing shadows move around.



Cripple Creek Elk’s Lodge

Built in 1896 originally as the Gold Mining Stock Exchange, the building was later sold to the Cripple Creek Elk’s Lodge 316.

On August 22, 1901 a shooting occurred on the ground floor of the building at the Newport Saloon that resulted in the death of Sam Strong a Victor mine owner…  Come join us to investigate the many reported paranormal activities from objects moving, to shadows seen in doorways… and much more!


Cripple Creek District Museum

Who is the little girl who haunts the upper floors of the Depot? Who is that man lingering in the Assay Office? What are those shadows in the Trading & Transfer Co. building? Is James Roberts here, looking for his long lost skull?




Museum of Colorado Prisons

This restored facility welcomes visitors to explore the history of Colorado Corrections and to search for ghosts! Former and current employees along with visitors have reported a variety of paranormal events occurring inside this building. There are reports of objects moving from one room to the next, to the sounds of disembodied voices, and the smell of tobacco smoke in the laundry room.  Come join us on this unique opportunity to investigate and research the paranormal.


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