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Cripple Creek District Museum — 2009 EVP’s Chap 2

Room the music was played.

During the same investigation where the MPPIR group spent time talking to a little ghost girl the sounds of a music box are recorded.

As a rule MPPIR members are not allowed to touch, move or play with anything in a Museum.  We consider museum artifacts an important part of history and anything that would put them at risk is not something we condone.  So when this music box started playing, to the astonishment of the investigators they thought it was the greatest thing.

Little did they know that not only was this a great piece of recording but it went beyond that!  As we found out later, there is only one music box in the Museum.  Its not located in the room in question and it is believed to be non-functional.  If it was working, researching into the broken box has lead us to believe this maybe the wrong tune.

Also the investigators swore up and down they saw the music box on the mantle place (see picture).  There is no music box on that mantle.   I will admit I took the picture a year later, but the Museum director swore that there has never been a music box displayed on the fireplace mantle.  Odd I say, because not only do the investigators see the music box, they can hear it too.

And now you can without headphones:

©2009, MPPIR, Blog:  Frank C, EVP:  Ric R

Cripple Creek District Museum
P.O. Box 1210 ~ 500 East Bennett Avenue
Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813
719-689-2634 ~ 719-689-9540

Cripple Creek District Museum — 2009 EVP’s Chap 1

I will start this one out with a short Ghost story as I (Frank C) remember it.

On one particular evening in 2010 while at my first paranormal investigation at the Cripple Creek District Museum while taking a break two of the Museum staff, Jan and Missie, started telling us a few of the ghost stories about the building.  Always loving a good ghost story I had to commit this one to memory.

Missie started out this story by telling me of a man who had been visiting the museum in the upstairs area.  Upon returning from the upstairs he stopped and informed Missie of a little girl who was running around upstairs.

Missie informed the gentleman that there was a little girl ghost that liked to play upstairs and that he should go over and tell Jan about how the man had seen the little girl.  Mind you there where no children present in the museum, living ones that is.  The gentleman proceeded out the door over to the Transfer Station building.  While the man walked towards the other building presumably to tell Jan about seeing the little girl upstairs, Missie phoned Jan to tell her about the man who saw the little girl.

Jan while on the phone with Missie looks out the front window for the man who Missie still sees walking towards the Transfer Station building.  The two buildings are not far apart and you can see the front door from one to another.

Jan watching for the man tells Missie she does not see the gentlemen walking towards her.  Missie exclaiming, “He’s right there!”.  Just as the man fads out passing the Transfer Station, vanishing right before her eyes on an empty sidewalk.

Jan never saw the man walking.

I just have to say you have to love it when one ghost tells on another!

Now on that note.  I don’t have the exact date and time on this EVP but I know it’s from the Cripple Creek District Museum from sometime in 2009.  Listen for the little girl.  It was after museum hours and MPPIR does not bring children along for investigations.

You might need head phones.

©2009, MPPIR, Blog:  Frank C, EVP:  Ric R

Jan is the Museum Director

Missie is a Museum Tour Guide and Historian

Cripple Creek District Museum
P.O. Box 1210 ~ 500 East Bennett Avenue
Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813
719-689-2634 ~ 719-689-9540

EVP Analysis From Ghost Tour 4/16/2011

Who: Ric and Frank from MPPIR.  Unknown Others.

Where:  Jail Museum, Cripple Creek Colorado.  During Ghost Tour.

When:  4/16/2011

How:  Sony Digital Recorder

What:  EVP, Class C (Direct Response) “Yes”, Female Voice.

Requires headphones to hear the EVP or a really loud speaker system.

Original Take Of file.

I almost missed this one.  Its not unusual for someone to miss a Class C EVP.  They are soft and if you don’t use headphones you will miss them.   I was watching the graph while reviewing the main file and noticed a slight bump in the graph.  After hitting pause I backed up to this point.

Right Click to reload image if you see this.

Original File Spectral Freqency Display

As I had suspected there was something there.  If you look real close about 2/3rds the way from the left of the picture you can see a very slight spot in the graph.  Don’t see it?  Its there.  I also heard something there.  It is just difficult to make out.

Applied Noise Reduction and Gain (Volume) To EVP.

With a some noise reduction added I was able to clearly but barely hear a soft female voice on the recording.  It did not sound distant so I proceeded thinking I may have a Class C EVP on my hands.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Noise Reduction and Gain Enhanced

Now I hear her.  Soft still be clear with headphones.  This is a common EVP that we at MPPIR get within the Jail Museum.  Female voice saying, “Yes”.  Apparently she likes saying yes.

A note about Ric saying, “Thank You.”.  Ric is responding here to either a K-II meter lighting up or a flashlight coming on.  (ref: See Flashlight Game)

Do you hear her?  Leave me a comment on what your impression is.  Psychic impressions also welcome.

©2011 Recording and Screenshots, Frank C MPPIR

EVP’s From Ghost Tour 2/19/2011

Cripple Creek, Outlaws and Lawman Jail Museum 2/19/2011 Ghost Tour.

During Ghost hunts we do  pick up EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon).   MPPIR Investigator Ric has provided me with several EVP’s in the past.  So I have assembled a small collection of sound files with EVP’s from Ric.  These EVP’s are from 1 hour in the basement of the Jail Museum.  Most are cleaned up through a few audio filters so you can hear them better.

  • Who:
    • MPPIR, Ric & Susan
    • Tour Guests, 2 Females, 1 Male.
  • Where:
    • Basement level, in the “Ice Room”
  • When:
    • Between 7:50 pm and 9:10 pm 2/19/2011
  • How:  Digital Recording device. (Model unknown)

All the EVP files are MP3 converted and Noise Reduction was applied.  Most are amplified.  Some have been amplified in sections to hear the EVP (voice of the ghost?).  They are divided into regions.  This is a reference to a region marker on the master audio file.

Headphones are recommended.

Region 1

Response to Ric’s question.

The word sounds like “Flash” or “Yes” in a females voice to me.  I could be mistaken.  I did not hear this until I enhanced the audio and removed the white noise.  I also increased the volume at the point of the EVP so you can hear it better.  The original file is preserved for further analysis.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  Unknown voice on recorder at low volume.  Possible EVP

Region 2

Response to Ric’s question.  “Do you wish we asked smarter questions?”

The answer is “Yes” in a females voice.  Its pretty clear.  I did amplify the Voice answer.  The original is stored.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  EVP, direct response.

Region 3

Response to Ric’s Question “Are you an (or in) American?

Response is either “Yes” (my choice) or “No” what Ric thinks he hears on the recording.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  EVP

Region 4

Response to Guest Investigator.

Part 1, Female Guest Investigator asks, “Are you still with us”.

Part 2, Male Guests Investigator states, “I think we need to go back to the Jokes.”


Enhanced Audio:  (for those without headphones the volume is turned up where the suspected EVP is)

I find this one most interesting for 2 reasons.  First is its a two responses back to back to two different people.  Also the first response (part 1) does not sound English to me.  I am not even sure what the “Female” is saying.  The second (part 2) is a clear yes to me. None of the investigators heard a response despite the laughter at the end.  They where laughing at the Male Investigators comment.

Status:  EVP both Part 1 and 2

Region 5

Ric again.  I enhanced the low level voices on this one pretty heavy.  I think the first 2 female voices are Susan and a Guest talking in the background.  After Ric’s second question though there is a voice of a drawn out “Yes”.  This I believe is an EVP.

Status:  EVP, the last “Yes”

If your wondering, yes that was 5 EVP’s in one hour.  Its normal for this building.

That wraps up our collection from Ric from the basement on 2/19/2011.  I am sure he will have more as I have a good amount from Ric still on my computer that I have not been through yet.

As a bonus Ric sent me this picture from 10/31/09 of the Basement Boiler area.  Its a rather interesting picture.  Like most images of ghostly figures its blurry.  I can’t explain how the photo ended up like this. If you can figure out what it is let us know.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Ric's Ghost Picture 1

©2011, Audio file and Photo Ric MPPIR, Story and Evaluation Frank MPPIR

EVP – M2U00254 Take 4 Release Edit Explained

When First analyzing any EVP you have to know who, what, where, when and how.

Who:  All the players.   Brandon and Susan from MPPIR.  3 Tour Guests. 1 Unknown Female Voice.

Where:  Matron’s Room, 2nd Floor, Jail Museum, Cripple Creek Colorado.

When: 9:14pm, 3/19/2011

How:  Handy-Cam DVD-650 (Pointed towards Northwest Window)

What:  Anomalous Recording.  Female making full statement, “Hey, you can come out now.”

The EVP:   (Headphones or really loud.  Its very soft but clear)

EVP Originally Posted Here:  Jail Museum: Women’s Block

Next is of course did anyone in the room hear this?  According to the tape and the Investigators present. No.

Now to rule out any other possibilities.   Where were all the actors?  All persons were in the Matron’s Room.  Where does the Voice sound like its coming from?   Unknown Location.  All voices from the hall, lower levels would sound metallic as those area’s have metal walls, except for the basement.  Voices from the basement would sound muffled.  The Matron’s Room is less then 10’ by 8’.  All voices spoken in the Matron’s room would show on a Visual analysis of the audio.

Lets take a look at the sound Visualized.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Spectral Frequency Display

First is the Spectral-Frequency-Display.  Clearly Shows Brandon’s Voice.  Noting the rest of the sound is flat.  In fact without headphones unless you turn your volume on 9 (90%) you would just hear static.  Even some headphones may have difficulty.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Waveform Display

This is your standard waveform display.   You can clearly see where Brandon is speaking.  You can even see the bump after the vehicle outside drove by.  You don’t see near the word “EVP” and kind of bump.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Spectral Pan Display

The suspected voice does not show in the Spectral Pan Display.  Colorful but no sign of a voice or noise other then Brandon and the vehicle outside.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Spectral Phase Display

Now this one is a bit more interesting.   You can see where Brandon was Talking…  When the Truck went by …  Then nothing…  A slight bump is seen and could be the voice.  Higher pitch would be blue.

The whole female voice making the statement does not show.  Its just not there.

Does that make this an electronic voice phenomenon?   Actually at this point yes.  Because any noise, voice or sound wave would show up on one or more of these.  This one does not.  But just because a sound does show, does not rule it out from an EVP.  Not showing up on the Graph just means your more likely to have one.

I do have EVP’s that show up on the Graph but I have much more skepticism of those then an EVP that does not show up.

Conclusion:  This is an EVP.

“Hey, you can come out now.”, Female voice does not match any other female in the building.  All females in the building (living ones) were recorded on 3/19/2011.  Now fodder for the skeptic or non-believer… There where 20 plus people in the building.  There is a slim chance that it could have been the distant voice of another person.   But I can argue that all persons where in the Matron’s Room and the voice does not show up on any of the other 6 hours of video.  Also, any other women would have been in the basement or main cell block (men’s holding area).

Only 2 people at a maximum would have been directly below this room.  One would have been me.  The other would have been Ralph (Lead Investigator for MPPIR) and neither of us has a soft female voice.

Comments welcome.   Critical or otherwise are ok.  Please make all comments constructive if critical.

©2011, Blog, Sound Recording, & Pictures;  Frank, MPPIR

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