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EVP’s From Ghost Tour 2/19/2011

Cripple Creek, Outlaws and Lawman Jail Museum 2/19/2011 Ghost Tour.

During Ghost hunts we do  pick up EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon).   MPPIR Investigator Ric has provided me with several EVP’s in the past.  So I have assembled a small collection of sound files with EVP’s from Ric.  These EVP’s are from 1 hour in the basement of the Jail Museum.  Most are cleaned up through a few audio filters so you can hear them better.

  • Who:
    • MPPIR, Ric & Susan
    • Tour Guests, 2 Females, 1 Male.
  • Where:
    • Basement level, in the “Ice Room”
  • When:
    • Between 7:50 pm and 9:10 pm 2/19/2011
  • How:  Digital Recording device. (Model unknown)

All the EVP files are MP3 converted and Noise Reduction was applied.  Most are amplified.  Some have been amplified in sections to hear the EVP (voice of the ghost?).  They are divided into regions.  This is a reference to a region marker on the master audio file.

Headphones are recommended.

Region 1

Response to Ric’s question.

The word sounds like “Flash” or “Yes” in a females voice to me.  I could be mistaken.  I did not hear this until I enhanced the audio and removed the white noise.  I also increased the volume at the point of the EVP so you can hear it better.  The original file is preserved for further analysis.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  Unknown voice on recorder at low volume.  Possible EVP

Region 2

Response to Ric’s question.  “Do you wish we asked smarter questions?”

The answer is “Yes” in a females voice.  Its pretty clear.  I did amplify the Voice answer.  The original is stored.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  EVP, direct response.

Region 3

Response to Ric’s Question “Are you an (or in) American?

Response is either “Yes” (my choice) or “No” what Ric thinks he hears on the recording.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  EVP

Region 4

Response to Guest Investigator.

Part 1, Female Guest Investigator asks, “Are you still with us”.

Part 2, Male Guests Investigator states, “I think we need to go back to the Jokes.”


Enhanced Audio:  (for those without headphones the volume is turned up where the suspected EVP is)

I find this one most interesting for 2 reasons.  First is its a two responses back to back to two different people.  Also the first response (part 1) does not sound English to me.  I am not even sure what the “Female” is saying.  The second (part 2) is a clear yes to me. None of the investigators heard a response despite the laughter at the end.  They where laughing at the Male Investigators comment.

Status:  EVP both Part 1 and 2

Region 5

Ric again.  I enhanced the low level voices on this one pretty heavy.  I think the first 2 female voices are Susan and a Guest talking in the background.  After Ric’s second question though there is a voice of a drawn out “Yes”.  This I believe is an EVP.

Status:  EVP, the last “Yes”

If your wondering, yes that was 5 EVP’s in one hour.  Its normal for this building.

That wraps up our collection from Ric from the basement on 2/19/2011.  I am sure he will have more as I have a good amount from Ric still on my computer that I have not been through yet.

As a bonus Ric sent me this picture from 10/31/09 of the Basement Boiler area.  Its a rather interesting picture.  Like most images of ghostly figures its blurry.  I can’t explain how the photo ended up like this. If you can figure out what it is let us know.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Ric's Ghost Picture 1

©2011, Audio file and Photo Ric MPPIR, Story and Evaluation Frank MPPIR


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