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Shadow of a Man

I would like to start off by saying that this is not going to be a drama.  Though the title would be good for one.  Then again analyses of this picture has almost turned into one.

I am going to show you a picture.  A rather odd one.  This picture was taken on 8/29/2010 at 1:13:21 AM.  (Photo 1)

Taken on one of our ghost tours in the Jail Museum, this was one of a few random pictures I shot during what we refer to as the “Round Robin”. The picture is of the area along the west wall of the cell block.

This photo in itself is a 15 second exposure and for most modern skeptics would discard it almost immediately.  I would remind you skeptics that many old-time photos that have ghosts are of longer exposure lengths.

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Photo 1. Original Picture

This particular picture remains one of my oddest. As I know that I was the only one standing and as much that there was no light sources behind me who is the shadow?  I am holding the only light source, a LED ultraviolet flashlight in my left hand above the camera to the left.  The camera is sitting on a tripod.

Now if you look to the center bottom left you will see a person sitting that is casting a shadow on the wall.  This persons shadow is almost as clear as the one to the left of them.

The “Shadow Man” standing in this photo would  be to the right of this person in the corner.  Nearly as close to the wall based on the height of the shadow cast and the clarity of the shadow.

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Photo 2. Enhanced and Mono-chromed

So I ask who is standing in the corner?  I can clearly see the persons sitting on the floor and though they moved slightly based on the motion blur…  …nobody stood up.  The tallest person would be Ric (sitting in the middle).  As you can see in the Enhanced version (Photo 2) there are 4 people sitting.  One of them is along the south wall, and 3 on the west wall.  The first is bottom center, about 2/3rd the way from left to right.  Ric (MPPIR) is sitting with a camera and other lighted equipment facing the jail cells.  The 3rd person is sitting nearly in the corner.  This person is a female tour guest and is about 5’6″ tall.

To include that the “Shadow Man” appears to in the enhanced (Photo 2.) to cover over slightly the right side of the person sitting in the corner.

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Photo 3.

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Photo 4.

For comparison I give you these pictures of Ralph (MPPIR), he is 6’7″.

Photo 3 is from the same evening and was taken at 1:27:40 AM.  Ralph had asked me to take this picture at the time.  This would be 14 minutes after the Shadow Man picture.  You can also see the sitting positions of the persons along the wall.

Photo 4 is for comparison and is a captured from my IR video camera.  It shows Ralph standing in the same corner as the “Shadow Man”.  Note Ralph’s height.  (This picture is from 5/21/2011, it is much newer)

You could say at this point that the “Shadow Man” is a picture of Ralph.  And though, like I do during a “round robin”, Ralph wanders around the cell block main floor.  Ralph not on the west side, he was on the east side of the cell block when Photo 1 was taken.

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Photo 5

I have learned that when taking photos in the dark while looking for ghosts, that a series of photos is the best course of action.

Photo 5, was taken 8/29/2010 1:12:56 AM.  This photo is a 20 second exposure.  Giving 5 seconds between the time my shutter closed and when I took Photo 1 (Shadow of a Man).

I have been doing this long enough to be able to rule out motion blur from someone walking.  Its easy enough as I take pictures showing what the investigators are wearing and compare this with any motion blur.  Most of the time you can make out clothing, faces etc… and know who it is.

Nobody walked in-front of my camera for Photo 5 or Photo 1. I personally can attest to this.  Though there is some movement amongst the persons sitting in the pictures you can still tell who they are.  If Ralph was along the west wall I should theoretically see him in Photo 5.

Now I do know that you can make a 7′ shadow with a flashlight, a wall and 1 person. There are multiple light sources here to deal with.  My UV flashlight.  I have already stated that it is located in my left hand being held above and to the left of the camera.  Ric’s video camera and other equipment is also emitting light.  Though for those lights from Ric’s equipment to cast a 7′ shadow on the wall someone short would have to be standing next to Ric.  There should also then be more white light on the wall.  So those lights to me do not explain the 7 foot tall shadow on the wall.

To make that shadow as clear as it is one of the two people sitting along the wall would have had to have stood up.  If they had you should see motion blur from them standing in the photo.  The contrast of their clothing would give them away.  The person in the corner is to far from Ric and to close to the wall to make a shadow of this type.

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Photo 6. 8/29/2010 1:15:10 AM

Photo 7. 8/29/2010 1:15:10 AM

To add to the mystery I give you another photo taken shortly there after when I started my way down the cell block.

These photos leave me baffled.  The “Shadow of a Man” is not the only strange photo I have of that corner of the building.

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©2011 Photos and Blog, Frank, MPPIR


4 responses to “Shadow of a Man

  1. Pingback: Photo — Mist in the Main Block « Mountain Peak Paranormal Investigations

  2. Ralph May 29, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    Another well done post Frank.

  3. Janet May 29, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    Hello Frank ! Anybody there? or should I ask, ‘Who is there?”
    speaking to the form in the corner…. 🙂
    and something is there!
    Even the slight thing hanging on the wall would not have caused that shadow….. it is only (or seems) protruding about 1/4 inch… it might be flat against the wall….
    That shadow is, itself, casting a slight shadow… and it doesn’t appear to be Ralph. I swear it looks like an actual materialized form that is watching you all…..
    as careful as you were with your pictures and validating of where everyone was….. someone ‘extra’ was with you….
    amazing picture, Frank……
    You ever think of going back and taking the picture and talking about it and then asking, “Who are you?”
    Of course, maybe ghosts don’t always stay in the same place… why wouldn’t they move around too!

    • Frank May 29, 2011 at 4:14 pm

      We have gone back, many times but not with a printed picture. I will take up that suggestion and report any results.

      Many in the MPPIR group believe it maybe the “Night Watchman” of the Jail. We are hoping to photograph him again.

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