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EVP – M2U00254 Take 4 Release Edit Explained

When First analyzing any EVP you have to know who, what, where, when and how.

Who:  All the players.   Brandon and Susan from MPPIR.  3 Tour Guests. 1 Unknown Female Voice.

Where:  Matron’s Room, 2nd Floor, Jail Museum, Cripple Creek Colorado.

When: 9:14pm, 3/19/2011

How:  Handy-Cam DVD-650 (Pointed towards Northwest Window)

What:  Anomalous Recording.  Female making full statement, “Hey, you can come out now.”

The EVP:   (Headphones or really loud.  Its very soft but clear)

EVP Originally Posted Here:  Jail Museum: Women’s Block

Next is of course did anyone in the room hear this?  According to the tape and the Investigators present. No.

Now to rule out any other possibilities.   Where were all the actors?  All persons were in the Matron’s Room.  Where does the Voice sound like its coming from?   Unknown Location.  All voices from the hall, lower levels would sound metallic as those area’s have metal walls, except for the basement.  Voices from the basement would sound muffled.  The Matron’s Room is less then 10’ by 8’.  All voices spoken in the Matron’s room would show on a Visual analysis of the audio.

Lets take a look at the sound Visualized.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Spectral Frequency Display

First is the Spectral-Frequency-Display.  Clearly Shows Brandon’s Voice.  Noting the rest of the sound is flat.  In fact without headphones unless you turn your volume on 9 (90%) you would just hear static.  Even some headphones may have difficulty.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Waveform Display

This is your standard waveform display.   You can clearly see where Brandon is speaking.  You can even see the bump after the vehicle outside drove by.  You don’t see near the word “EVP” and kind of bump.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Spectral Pan Display

The suspected voice does not show in the Spectral Pan Display.  Colorful but no sign of a voice or noise other then Brandon and the vehicle outside.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Spectral Phase Display

Now this one is a bit more interesting.   You can see where Brandon was Talking…  When the Truck went by …  Then nothing…  A slight bump is seen and could be the voice.  Higher pitch would be blue.

The whole female voice making the statement does not show.  Its just not there.

Does that make this an electronic voice phenomenon?   Actually at this point yes.  Because any noise, voice or sound wave would show up on one or more of these.  This one does not.  But just because a sound does show, does not rule it out from an EVP.  Not showing up on the Graph just means your more likely to have one.

I do have EVP’s that show up on the Graph but I have much more skepticism of those then an EVP that does not show up.

Conclusion:  This is an EVP.

“Hey, you can come out now.”, Female voice does not match any other female in the building.  All females in the building (living ones) were recorded on 3/19/2011.  Now fodder for the skeptic or non-believer… There where 20 plus people in the building.  There is a slim chance that it could have been the distant voice of another person.   But I can argue that all persons where in the Matron’s Room and the voice does not show up on any of the other 6 hours of video.  Also, any other women would have been in the basement or main cell block (men’s holding area).

Only 2 people at a maximum would have been directly below this room.  One would have been me.  The other would have been Ralph (Lead Investigator for MPPIR) and neither of us has a soft female voice.

Comments welcome.   Critical or otherwise are ok.  Please make all comments constructive if critical.

©2011, Blog, Sound Recording, & Pictures;  Frank, MPPIR


3 responses to “EVP – M2U00254 Take 4 Release Edit Explained

  1. jan May 10, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    If the spirit says something and it can be heard… why doesn’t the sound of her voice affect the grafts on the machines?

    after you told me what was said, and I listened again, I could make out what she said…….. I don’t know where I got “Where’s mama”, the first time I haerd it.
    This is amazing !

    • Frank May 10, 2011 at 11:18 pm

      Your first question is a good one. And one we do not have an answer for at the moment. It is what makes this an EVP and why they call them EVP’s

    • Jun (3am Paranormal) May 14, 2011 at 9:24 am

      Jan: “If the spirit says something and it can be heard… why doesn’t the sound of her voice affect the grafts on the machines?”

      There isn’t many recording devices short of professional studio sound and theater equipment that can pick up most sound frequencies. Although you may hear an “EVP” doesn’t mean you’ll see it on an audio graph. Digital sound which is quickly becoming a normal for DVD and BLU-RAY use more frequencies than the human ear can process. We actually cannot hear every frequency the sound from the latest movies produce. Infact we can’t hear atleast 50% of it.

      Knowing this does not by any means state that we have hearing problems. It just simply means that the human capability to hear all sound frequencies are limited. I my-self have not seen a recording device capable of capturing studio quality sound, that was hand-held or at-least small enough to bring to an investigation.

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