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Picture of the Robed Lady Chapter 2

I have to give full credit to Brandon (MPPIR) for finding this ghost picture in one of my collections of photos.

There is now a contention and belief that “The Robed Lady” paces back and forth in the Ice Room.  Many have felt cold chills, goose bumps or from some more “sensitive” persons, energy passing through them.  I personally have felt all these in the Ice Room.  I do not like going into this room alone.  Not fear of “The Robed Lady”, more fear that she will show up to say “Hi” and nobody will be around to witness it.

As a side note, I have also begun to wonder why when my pictures are focused on the wrong subject or out of focus I end up with something in them.  Like this one.

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Photo 1, Shooting Date/Time 4/16/2011 6:46:20 PM

Photo 1, is very recent and was taken during a Ghost Tour at the Jail Museum. Photo 1 is once again in the “Ice Room” and because the face appears female we are going to refer you back to the first post of a picture of The Robed Lady in or near the ice room.

Now if you don’t see it fear not.  I didn’t either.  What I first saw and moved on from was a ghostly image of Ric (MPPIR).  Ric is standing along the back wall.  If you look real close you can see a figure of a man.  Its blurry but that is Ric.

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Photo 2, Trimmed Close up.

My Camera is sitting on a tripod for this shot to reduce and eliminate any camera shake.  The shutter setting is 20 seconds.   I was focused on the archway as that was the last picture I had of the robed lady and was hoping she would show up there.  I was wrong.

Now lets talk about matrixing or paredoilia.  Because that is the first theory I turn to when analyzing photos of faces in mist or blurred spots.

I would go with this theory right about now if it where not for the my simple plan to make sure I can rule it out by taking extra shots of an area.  I try to always take two pictures of the same subject, if not more.

So get ready to toss this photo out as matrixing?

So I bring us to a photo I took shortly before this one.

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Photo 3, Shooting Date/Time 4/16/2011 6:45:59 PM

With this setting on the camera, Tv( Shutter Speed )    20 seconds.  Photo 3  is taken right before Photo 1 with 1 second between them.  Both me and Brandon could not see a face in this photo at all.  I still see Ric and all the other features.  Including the laser lights.  I did not move the camera or the tripod and was still focused on the archway.

Photo 3a, Trimmed and zoomed.

Now in Photo 3 I can see a face.  As I have been training my eyes and brain to rule out matrixing I will throw this face out.  It’s not the same but if you want to play the matrix game you can.  You can see what looks like a very long nose using the features of the rock to make and other rock features to make out the eyes, eye sockets and cheeks.  It’s in the same area just larger.  This matrix-ed face would be very distorted and quite large.  You can even use your mind to add a forehead.  See Photo 3a.

Why are these rock features in Photo 3(a) and not Photo 1?  Lets take a close look at the rock features.  Photo 4 is in monochrome so that you may see the features of the rock.

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Photo 4, Black and White of the Ice Room

Photo 4, Shooting Date/Time    4/16/2011 6:55:17 PM, was taken after Photo 1 and Photo 3.

Click on the pictures to make them larger in a new tab and you can take a real good look at them.

Why do I not believe that Photo 1 is matrixing and Photo 3 is?  For matrixing to work as a theory in my opinion you have to rule in features of objects you know exist.  I know the features of the rock in this room.  I photograph them all the time.  I know that the matrixing theory is that one makes familiar objects and sees a face with them.  This is done in photography all the time.  My facial recognition software uses the same ideology to pick out faces in photos.  I use this software to examine all my pictures.

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Photo 5, Shooting Date/Time 4/16/2011 6:50:30 PM

Could I be wrong?  I could be.  I could be just wanting to believe.  I see her face, coming out of the wall.  To me it appears slightly forward of the wall.  I could pick this apart and find all the rock features,  I have.  To me though I see her face, brightly I see her face.  I don’t see it in the other pictures I took of the room that night.  Not one.

Then again I am not the one who discovered this photo.  Brandon did.

Photo 6

Photo 7

Once again I will leave you deciding for yourself and with two other strange photo’s I took that night.

Click here to for these and other Photos of that night.

Photo 8

Click here for slide show of photos from that night.

Authors note:  There will be a few of you that wont see her.  For this I have added Photo 8.  Click to enlarge this to see where I point out the details.

©2011, Photo’s and Blog, Frank MPPIR.


8 responses to “Picture of the Robed Lady Chapter 2

  1. Michael Driscoll May 31, 2011 at 7:08 am

    NICE on pic5

  2. Janet May 30, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    I don’t know , Frank… 🙂
    maybe you were not expecting to see one…. and why was photo 5 listed as an interesting pic, if you did not see anything? Maybe you saw it… but did not realize you ‘saw’ it ?
    and it is a man… wearing an army type hat …. rough looking man… not real clear…
    and I be darn….. you mean that ghostly looking image beside him is a real person? That is what happens with movement blur ? Yeah, she has glasses on…… well, well, and no water in it…… 😦

    I swear, I have tried to see that woman’s face….. I see the dark holes you all refer to an eye…. and I see the shadows of the top shelves
    .. the long very straight nose bridge….. is that the shelf side going down?
    It may be as you say…. you guys can see it better because of being more attuned to the female face….. wait…. are you saying that the face is no where near that end shelf? Now that puts a different light (forgive the pun) on the subject !!
    so now you have two ghosts….
    you got anymore pics from that place?

    • Frank May 30, 2011 at 8:50 pm

      Photo 5. I had thought I originally posted it to show the wall on the back left in clear focus.

      Now I know as much that in Photo 5 there were only 3 people in the Room.

      Male Guest on the left. He is in motion and the light on his hat is very bright.
      Female Guest in the middle. She moved behind the person that would be on the right of the picture. She was also wearing glasses the whole night.
      Ric on the Right. Yes that is Ric. He moved a lot and pretty much a blob in the photo. (sorry Ric) You can see he has a Black hat and blue jeans.

      Now just to the left of the Female Guest I see what could be another person. Its taller then the lady in glasses and I don’t see and outline of the dark frames she is wearing.

      Now if you don’t see the face in photo 1. Think about this. Compare photo 1 & 3. There should be the same out of focus distortion in both pictures. They are different. It is what tipped us off.

      • Janet May 30, 2011 at 9:56 pm

        Look at photo 5: to the top right of the window… you see a dark patch = first eye
        then to the right of that you see a long shape going downward = nose
        then to right of nose you see a small dark and pale patch = eye
        then way below, see the large slightly protruding horizontal block
        = mouth
        that is what I am going by… also one picture has two rolls of paper and double stacks of boxes…. a hand movement ?
        Is that the focus thing you are talking about? The same face is on the back wall in photo 4.

        now look at 5…. in mid window to its left…. see the broken patch… that patch is right at top of the strange man in photo.. i can’t see any makings that would have shaped that head or made the head a light shade….
        in picture with the three people…. the strange man could be a quick movement of the lady-guest… but then how did her head become larger when now it is behind her better image?
        and you are right , I see glasses on the man face…. and he is taller than guest-lady…… OK…. it could be a woman…
        I have looked at these pics until my eyes are crossed…. 🙂
        it is past my bed time… you young folk can stay up all night….
        it is almost mid night here…. I’ll probably have nightmares about being in a ice room with a ghost tonight… if I do I’ll ask ‘it’ if it has a name …..

      • Janet May 30, 2011 at 9:59 pm

        excuse me… for comment below… it should read…….
        Look at photo 4:

  3. Janet May 30, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Can’t believe I am saying this, but I don’t see any face. I am also an artist.. .. pencil, watercolor, oil… and that is not a face…. of course I have been wrong most of my life… so I probably am now also… 🙂

    In photo 5…. you do have one good face and maybe two of them…
    they are standing between the two men…. and they don’t look happy…
    a female and a rough man…. they have hats on of some sort……

    They seem to be glaring at you…
    do you see them? Is there an explanation for them?
    photo five tells me to never go into an old ice room….
    wonder why any ghosts would keep coming back to it?

    great pics, Frank !!

    • Frank May 30, 2011 at 7:19 pm

      Photo 5, would have Ric, and 2 guests in it. Both are ruled out as ghosts. That is a good example of motion blur. You are prob seeing the ladies face between the two men in Photo 5.

      Not included here in the blog but included in the library for this blog post is a Picture of her. I included pictures of all the ladies present that evening I do believe.

      The Fact that you don’t see it does help my case of this not being matrixing. I might suggest you compare photo 1 and photo 3 side by side. Look closely at that spot in the wall. You maybe able to make out the differences.

      The other answer maybe that men could be more likely to see the face because its features are female.

      Thanks for the feedback Janet.

    • Frank May 30, 2011 at 7:21 pm

      Janet, I missed the second face next to the lady in photo 5. That one looks like it could be female also. And does not appear to be wearing glasses like the women is.

      You may have just spotted another possible ghost in one of my photo’s.

      Why do I keep missing those?

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