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EVP Analysis From Ghost Tour 4/16/2011

Who: Ric and Frank from MPPIR.  Unknown Others.

Where:  Jail Museum, Cripple Creek Colorado.  During Ghost Tour.

When:  4/16/2011

How:  Sony Digital Recorder

What:  EVP, Class C (Direct Response) “Yes”, Female Voice.

Requires headphones to hear the EVP or a really loud speaker system.

Original Take Of file.

I almost missed this one.  Its not unusual for someone to miss a Class C EVP.  They are soft and if you don’t use headphones you will miss them.   I was watching the graph while reviewing the main file and noticed a slight bump in the graph.  After hitting pause I backed up to this point.

Right Click to reload image if you see this.

Original File Spectral Freqency Display

As I had suspected there was something there.  If you look real close about 2/3rds the way from the left of the picture you can see a very slight spot in the graph.  Don’t see it?  Its there.  I also heard something there.  It is just difficult to make out.

Applied Noise Reduction and Gain (Volume) To EVP.

With a some noise reduction added I was able to clearly but barely hear a soft female voice on the recording.  It did not sound distant so I proceeded thinking I may have a Class C EVP on my hands.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Noise Reduction and Gain Enhanced

Now I hear her.  Soft still be clear with headphones.  This is a common EVP that we at MPPIR get within the Jail Museum.  Female voice saying, “Yes”.  Apparently she likes saying yes.

A note about Ric saying, “Thank You.”.  Ric is responding here to either a K-II meter lighting up or a flashlight coming on.  (ref: See Flashlight Game)

Do you hear her?  Leave me a comment on what your impression is.  Psychic impressions also welcome.

©2011 Recording and Screenshots, Frank C MPPIR


2 responses to “EVP Analysis From Ghost Tour 4/16/2011

  1. jan May 15, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    I don’t have head phones, but I could hear a breath like whisper…… could not make out what was said. In fact I cannot make out what the question was.
    they were asking if they worship ….. what?

    This voice recording is so interesting. It’s like, we might be sitting next to a spirit right now…. you just never know.

    • Frank May 15, 2011 at 7:38 pm

      I should have put that in there. The Investigator (Tour Guest) asks “Do you wish that they could see you?”.

      The whisper you hear is a “Yes”. I almost missed this one myself when I was reviewing the audio file.

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