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Photo — Mist in the Main Block

Pictures of the unexplained are well-loved by most paranormal investigators, so I bring you one more of mine.

I place this one in the unexplained pile of photo’s.

The photo was taken in the Jail Museum on  6/13/2010 12:45:35 AM, toward the end of a Ghost Tour/Public Investigation.

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Photo 1, Photographer: Frank Copley

During this session we where listing for audible disembodied voices and movement in the main cell block area.  Events and pictures containing strange shadows have been taken in various spots in the cell block.

Footsteps have been heard, sounds of the cell doors opening and closing and conversations of persons unseen all are reported in main block of the Jail Museum.

This picture was nearly missed as it is a bit dark and hard to see the mist.  After the discovery of this photo I decided to lighten it up and take a look at whatever was floating in the southwest corner of the building.  This is what I saw in the enhanced photo:

Photo 2, Enhanced version of Photo 1

On occasion we bring props or trigger objects.  What better ones to bring to a jail than smokes and other items that inmates would love to have that are not easy to get when locked up.

So just out of sight and around the far corner to the right was sitting MPPIR investigator Ric with an electric cigarette, right in front of him on the floor.  Nobody is permitted to smoke in the building and Ric has sworn that he did not take a drag off the electric smoke at anytime inside the building that night.  Ric would not have had to, if he needed a drag he could have gone outside.  As a side note Ric has quit smoking since then.

So I have to ask the questions;

Who was smoking?  Everyone claims that nobody was smoking and nobody reported smelling smoke.

Was that water mist in the air?  The closet object that it could have come from is a e-cigarette that does work by giving off a water vapor.  I have personally used a product similar and have not seen this effect in pictures of the smoke from the e-cigarette.

Is it even smoke or a water vapor mist?  The climate of Cripple Creek, CO is dry most of the time.  It was dry that night.

Clueless is what I am on this one.  A few people have told me that it looks like energy.  Others simple say it looks like smoke or mist.

I leave this one perplexed.  I can’t in a mundane way explain the mist based on the reports I have.  Please let me know if you see anything else strange about this photo.

Editors reference note:  This is the same corner that the picture Shadow of a Man was taken.  Though this picture was taken facing east and is older than the Shadow of a Man photo.

©2011, Blog and Photos by Frank C


3 responses to “Photo — Mist in the Main Block

  1. Leon June 14, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Wow cool Frank even i cant explain this one away. I don’t think any kind of reflection looks to “solid” Looks like stuff I got from mist machines. But the mist looks to be “inline” with the greenish blue light with the silhouette.


  2. jan June 14, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Could it be a reflection glancing off top right wall… the corner nearest front of pic… the ‘glare’ glances off opposite side and then bounces off far end wall…. pale hue of bluest-purple seems to come from wall color as seen in dark….
    looks like a bright sun is staring down on building. Or very bright outside lights.
    just my thoughts… 😦

    • Frank June 14, 2011 at 11:30 am

      The streetlights lights outside glow reddish in color I can show that in other pictures.
      The blue light is actually a UV light above the mist. It is pointed towards the ceiling.
      The red line is a laser on the second level of the cell block.
      The green light on the left of the wall just before the “mist” is from an LCD screen on a camera from someone standing off camera about halfway down the west wall. This camera is in infrared mode, making the LCD screen glow greenish in color. You can see its reflection on the left wall with the silhouette of the person holding the camera.
      There is no white light source in the area in use at the time the photograph is taken.. Its after dark and the sun has set. 45 min after midnight to be exact.

      The other issue is the “mist” has depth and almost appears 3d in the enhanced photo.

      Your thoughts are always welcome Jan

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