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Solar blast could have earthly impact

The sun unleashed one of the biggest flares ever seen during its current activity cycle late Tuesday — an X5.4-class outburst strong enough to trigger a radio blackout. The resulting geomagnetic storm could affect electrical grids, communication links, satellite navigation systems and airline schedules over the next couple of days.

The outburst at 7:24 p.m. ET was followed about an hour later by an X1.3-class blast. Solar flares are rated on a letter-plus-number scale, with X being the most powerful category. Usually the numbers run from 1 to 9, but X-class flares can run higher. The highest reading recorded recently is an X28, observed in 2003.

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As I Was Saying – Paranormal Report 98

One of our favorite shows is back “on the air” check out Jim Harold’s Paranormal Report

As I Was Saying – Paranormal Report 98.

Verizon Network Extender by Samsung.

During one of my research projects for equipment to use on paranormal investigations I was looking at Cell Phone Repeaters for vehicles.  As luck would have it I stumbled upon something I did not know existed. I first found a Sprint CDMA extender by Samsung, but with a little more digging I found that Samsung also made not one but two Verizon models as well.

So just what is this thing you ask? Well the device is basically a mini cell phone tower for your house, with just enough range to cover the front and back yard too. It connects to your broadband internet service so that it can communicate back to Verizon. When a cell phone connected to the device places a call, that call goes through the “extender” which is then passed back to Verizon over your broadband connection. Depending on the model it can handle either 4 or 8 cell phones placing calls at the same time. I will note for the safety conscious folks both models reserve 1 line for 911 calls only, and the unit has a build in GPS which is used with the 911 calls to help locate the caller.

The two models I found in my research are the Samsung SCS-26UC4 1x EVDO Wireless Network Extender, and the current model the SCS-2U01 3G Wireless Network Extender. Where do I find one you ask, used ones and factory remanufactured units are on eBay (between $80 and $200) and Amazon (between $100 and $225).

With my research complete I purchased the SCS-2U01, as the reviews I read indicated it actually has the best range and coverage overall.  My motivation to purchase the unit was to finally solve a problem which is the result of there being only one tower in town that is actually not owned by Verizon.  Most days service is “spotty” at best which results in many of the incoming calls going straight to voicemail.   This model according to the documentation covers about 5000 sq feet, or a distance of 50 feet from the device.  I found in my research folks stating coverage areas of up to 8000 feet, and placing calls more than 100 feet from the device.  In my experience I found these claims , as I can make calls 100 feet from the unit with no issues at all and it appears incoming calls no longer go straight to voicemail!

A note about the 3G service this model has which the older model does not have as for some folks this might be the reason to purchase this unit.   The not so obvious limitation is that the 3G data connection will only be as fast as the broadband connection the “extender” has access too.  So if you have a rather slow broadband connection the 3G the SCS-2U01 has will be worthless, so you could consider the less expensive SCS-26UC4 instead.

Another point to keep in mind is that when your phone is using the “extender” to place calls, and for data downloads you are still being charge for minutes and data usage.  So if you have Wifi at the house it’s still best to have your phone use your Wifi connection to conserve your data plan usage unless you have “unlimited data” of course.

Final thoughts… This device really does work and for folks like me that live in a “extended coverage” area this resolves the suffering from dropped or poor-quality phone calls, and unreliable data coverage in my home.

A Paranormal Quote, By Mark Twain.

“Then away out in the woods I heard that kind of a sound that a ghost makes when it wants to tell about something that’s on its mind and can’t make itself understood, and so can’t rest easy in its grave, and has to go about that way every night grieving.”
 – – By Mark Twain.

The Flashlight Game

I suspect most of you have watched the television show “Ghost Hunters” or have that of some other paranormal groups, will likely recognize what has commonly been referred to as the “Flashlight Game” (or experiment) by various folks in the paranormal community.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, please allow me to describe the scenario. Typically, several investigators will sit in a dark room around a flashlight which is normally set on the floor or on a flat surface of some kind, and attempt communication by asking any entity present to turn the light on and off.  The light turning on or off, seemingly on its own, is then considered to be a response from entity or entities present.  Sadly, it appears that a fair number of people believe it is an effective method of communication… but is it?

But let’s take a minute to think about the flashlight itself.  You see, before the “flashlight experiment” can be carried out during a paranormal investigation, the flashlight must first be tampered with. In fact, what investigators do, depending on their particular model, is either push the switch or twist the cap precariously between the on and off position, thus making the instrument that much more delicate. At this position, little if any vibration from a person or the environment is required to cause the light to turn all the way on, off, or flicker.

A flashlight contains several parts that come together to make the device work. Among these parts are contact strips, the switch, and the bulb or LED. Batteries, of course, are also essential to the use of most models. Activated by a switch allowing the flow of electrons, the filament in the bulb, or an LED begins to glow thus producing light. Disrupting the flow of this electricity, which is exactly what happens when you place the flashlight between the ON/OFF positions, i.e. unscrewing the body, creates an open circuit and, as a direct result, it doesn’t work as designed.

But what, you ask, about the responses investigators seem to get from ghosts in regards to the questions asked? Now that we know the flashlight is being used improperly, and is malfunctioning as a result, these alleged responses become suspect. One of the major problems with this method is how unscientific it is used in conjunction with a paranormal investigation. By example paranormal researchers are taking the flashlight only to locations they believe may be haunted and are using the flickering light to prove their case! Why aren’t the investigators testing the validity of the method in locations they don’t believe to be haunted? Perhaps the investigators have, but where is this mentioned?  If the “flashlight game” is attempted in a non-haunted setting and behaves in a similar fashion, why would anyone believe it would be any different in a reportedly haunted location?

In conclusion, the “flashlight game” as used by ghost hunting groups on television, and in amateur teams around the country, is a severely flawed method for obtaining scientific validation of ghost communication. It can be explained easily by non-paranormal means as simple manipulation of the flashlight itself and an all too eager community of believers.

Don’t get me wrong here there could be something in all this however more true science is need… so I propose a challenge to all of you playing the “flashlight game” …

1)     Use 2 flashlights, one with a black body, the other some other color such as red or blue.

2)     Place the units on a platform that will absorb vibration, and that has clamps to hold part of the flashlight body still.

3)     Instruct the entity to turn on the black flashlight for “yes”, the red flashlight for ”no”.

Remember these entities were people once too, or so some believe, as such they should be able to understand something more simple commands.

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