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Paranormal Devices: Shack Hacks

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The Shack-Hack A simple Am-FM Radio from Radio Shack

The Shack-Hack was actually invented by Frank Sumption of Highlands Ranch Colorado where he still lives.  As a ham radio operator and paranormal investigator, Frank combined the best of both worlds,  taking radio parts and creating a device   that scanned Am radio frequencies without stopping.  As the Frank’s Box scanned the radio stations, clicking away from one to the next with “white noise” in between, voices came through clearly and for a longer period of time than the device stayed on a station.  Frank asked questions and got answers.

This device is available to the paranormal investigator at a nominal price from Radio Shack in an old-fashioned $29 Am/FM radio.  The pin that captures a station in the “SEEK” or “SCAN” mode is broken so the radio can’t capture a station. This is easy to do and there are directions on the internet. Or find a friend who knows how to do this.

This device works best at night.  Set it to AM and press the SCAN button.  If it sticks, which they sometimes do, hold it with your thumb.  It is a good idea to have a digital recorder on while recording to capture not only what you hear on the Shack-Hack but also what you miss, usually while you are verifying something you heard on the Shack.

Ask a question.  Who’s here? Is Amy here? Are you the child seen in the window?  When were you here? What’s your name?  Are you looking for somebody? Sometimes it takes a short time to get an answer.  Be patient.  Messages will come through , sometimes with specific messages for people in the room.  Listen carefully and don’t discount anything. Try to get names and dates – at least a year. The FCC Doesn’t allow cursing on the AM (or FM) bands so if you hear curse words, that’s not the radio either. If the shack just cycles through stations for a while with no discernible communication, turn it off.

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Note the AM/FM and PRESET/SCAN buttons

We have been introduced to people on the Shack-Hack that have been verified by news paper articles and other printed archival material.  One night we were given the name George Deutchman and the year 1910.  This name was found in the newspaper in an article published in 1910 that a George Doichman (sp) left Cripple Creek for Denver. Other names have been verified this way. Communication can also be for someone in the room.

(Authors note: There is another device out there that has 500 words programmed into it by someone who had telephone conversations with the dead.  The dead would actually call him and talk to him. He programmed his device with the 500 words most used, no proper names, and no curse words.  Ask it questions and it will respond with one or two-word answers.  So if you get a name, or a curse word, it’s not the device. Don’t discount anything it says, write it down and/or record it. I can’t tell you the name of the device or the person because the information I originally got is erroneous.  If you know about this device, please respond to this blog with information.)

Reference Blog EVP Report From Feb 2010

Reference Blog Ghost Box Session 2/19/11

©2011  Story & Photos: Nancy, MPPIR
Editor:  Shack Hack is ref to Radio Shack bought and hacked/modified (its is not needed to modify the box just keep pressing the scan button).  Ghost Box ref is to built or other modified AM/FM radios to permanently scan the AM or FM bands.


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