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Visor Clip Light

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Visor Clip Under UV Light with 2 IR Diodes

Having A good Visor clip light to keep your hands free for operating cameras, recorders and gauges can be essential in paranormal investigations.  I have found though that the white light most of the come with is to bright.  I did recently find one with red and white lights on it.  Having no use for the white LED’s I decided on a little operation to modify the visor clip.

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This visor has 5 LED’s, 2 red (useful) and 3 white (not so good).

Selecting which LED’s I used was simple enough. My Choice where some IR Diodes. IR diodes are commonly used in business with a IR detector Diode to create a chime that goes off when some one walks in a door. So with a quick trip to my localRight Click To show Pictures if they dont load. electronics store I returned with a cheap package of IR Diodes.

Finding visor light your able to take apart is easy enough.  Getting the thing apart is harder.  You have to work slow as some parts may be pressed in and require a soft touch of prying them out.  This clip I use has two small screws to remove the battery case but the remainder of it I had to slower pry apart.  Using a very small screw driver on two tiny clips and then prying the electronics slowly out as not to break anything.

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I have already made up my mind to keep the 2 red LED’s and just get rid of the white ones.  I was going to place 3 IR Diodes in this one but because of the internal design I risked too much damage.  I would have had to un-solder the two boards to get to the center light.  So I just broke the connection on it and replaced the 2 white LED’s on the sides with IR Diodes.  Putting it all back together was no easy task either.  Having to be careful when pressing the electronics back into its case without breaking anything was not fun.  I actually on this one did break the battery connection and had to solder it back on.

The process took me about 2 hours to reverse engineer and rework the product but now I have a visor clip with IR Light emitters and not the white light.

Total Cost:  Under $20.

Author & Photos:  Frank

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Editors Note:  The Red Photo above is what the IR light looks like with my SLR Cannon Rebel XT digital Camera in a 30 second exposure.  It would be greenish white with Video IR cameras.


One response to “Visor Clip Light

  1. 1200midnight May 2, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    The other great thing about visor clip lights is that they help illuminate areas for camcorder “nightshot” use. Many times, the ambient light in a room is not enough to give the camcorders with “night shot” enough background light. With this visor clip, everywhere the camera shoots is certain to have enough light for good recording. The more we tote with us, the more we need hand free electronics. This one is great.

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