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Picture of the Robed Lady Chapter 2

I have to give full credit to Brandon (MPPIR) for finding this ghost picture in one of my collections of photos.

There is now a contention and belief that “The Robed Lady” paces back and forth in the Ice Room.  Many have felt cold chills, goose bumps or from some more “sensitive” persons, energy passing through them.  I personally have felt all these in the Ice Room.  I do not like going into this room alone.  Not fear of “The Robed Lady”, more fear that she will show up to say “Hi” and nobody will be around to witness it.

As a side note, I have also begun to wonder why when my pictures are focused on the wrong subject or out of focus I end up with something in them.  Like this one.

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Photo 1, Shooting Date/Time 4/16/2011 6:46:20 PM

Photo 1, is very recent and was taken during a Ghost Tour at the Jail Museum. Photo 1 is once again in the “Ice Room” and because the face appears female we are going to refer you back to the first post of a picture of The Robed Lady in or near the ice room.

Now if you don’t see it fear not.  I didn’t either.  What I first saw and moved on from was a ghostly image of Ric (MPPIR).  Ric is standing along the back wall.  If you look real close you can see a figure of a man.  Its blurry but that is Ric.

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Photo 2, Trimmed Close up.

My Camera is sitting on a tripod for this shot to reduce and eliminate any camera shake.  The shutter setting is 20 seconds.   I was focused on the archway as that was the last picture I had of the robed lady and was hoping she would show up there.  I was wrong.

Now lets talk about matrixing or paredoilia.  Because that is the first theory I turn to when analyzing photos of faces in mist or blurred spots.

I would go with this theory right about now if it where not for the my simple plan to make sure I can rule it out by taking extra shots of an area.  I try to always take two pictures of the same subject, if not more.

So get ready to toss this photo out as matrixing?

So I bring us to a photo I took shortly before this one.

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Photo 3, Shooting Date/Time 4/16/2011 6:45:59 PM

With this setting on the camera, Tv( Shutter Speed )    20 seconds.  Photo 3  is taken right before Photo 1 with 1 second between them.  Both me and Brandon could not see a face in this photo at all.  I still see Ric and all the other features.  Including the laser lights.  I did not move the camera or the tripod and was still focused on the archway.

Photo 3a, Trimmed and zoomed.

Now in Photo 3 I can see a face.  As I have been training my eyes and brain to rule out matrixing I will throw this face out.  It’s not the same but if you want to play the matrix game you can.  You can see what looks like a very long nose using the features of the rock to make and other rock features to make out the eyes, eye sockets and cheeks.  It’s in the same area just larger.  This matrix-ed face would be very distorted and quite large.  You can even use your mind to add a forehead.  See Photo 3a.

Why are these rock features in Photo 3(a) and not Photo 1?  Lets take a close look at the rock features.  Photo 4 is in monochrome so that you may see the features of the rock.

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Photo 4, Black and White of the Ice Room

Photo 4, Shooting Date/Time    4/16/2011 6:55:17 PM, was taken after Photo 1 and Photo 3.

Click on the pictures to make them larger in a new tab and you can take a real good look at them.

Why do I not believe that Photo 1 is matrixing and Photo 3 is?  For matrixing to work as a theory in my opinion you have to rule in features of objects you know exist.  I know the features of the rock in this room.  I photograph them all the time.  I know that the matrixing theory is that one makes familiar objects and sees a face with them.  This is done in photography all the time.  My facial recognition software uses the same ideology to pick out faces in photos.  I use this software to examine all my pictures.

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Photo 5, Shooting Date/Time 4/16/2011 6:50:30 PM

Could I be wrong?  I could be.  I could be just wanting to believe.  I see her face, coming out of the wall.  To me it appears slightly forward of the wall.  I could pick this apart and find all the rock features,  I have.  To me though I see her face, brightly I see her face.  I don’t see it in the other pictures I took of the room that night.  Not one.

Then again I am not the one who discovered this photo.  Brandon did.

Photo 6

Photo 7

Once again I will leave you deciding for yourself and with two other strange photo’s I took that night.

Click here to for these and other Photos of that night.

Photo 8

Click here for slide show of photos from that night.

Authors note:  There will be a few of you that wont see her.  For this I have added Photo 8.  Click to enlarge this to see where I point out the details.

©2011, Photo’s and Blog, Frank MPPIR.


Shadow of a Man

I would like to start off by saying that this is not going to be a drama.  Though the title would be good for one.  Then again analyses of this picture has almost turned into one.

I am going to show you a picture.  A rather odd one.  This picture was taken on 8/29/2010 at 1:13:21 AM.  (Photo 1)

Taken on one of our ghost tours in the Jail Museum, this was one of a few random pictures I shot during what we refer to as the “Round Robin”. The picture is of the area along the west wall of the cell block.

This photo in itself is a 15 second exposure and for most modern skeptics would discard it almost immediately.  I would remind you skeptics that many old-time photos that have ghosts are of longer exposure lengths.

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Photo 1. Original Picture

This particular picture remains one of my oddest. As I know that I was the only one standing and as much that there was no light sources behind me who is the shadow?  I am holding the only light source, a LED ultraviolet flashlight in my left hand above the camera to the left.  The camera is sitting on a tripod.

Now if you look to the center bottom left you will see a person sitting that is casting a shadow on the wall.  This persons shadow is almost as clear as the one to the left of them.

The “Shadow Man” standing in this photo would  be to the right of this person in the corner.  Nearly as close to the wall based on the height of the shadow cast and the clarity of the shadow.

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Photo 2. Enhanced and Mono-chromed

So I ask who is standing in the corner?  I can clearly see the persons sitting on the floor and though they moved slightly based on the motion blur…  …nobody stood up.  The tallest person would be Ric (sitting in the middle).  As you can see in the Enhanced version (Photo 2) there are 4 people sitting.  One of them is along the south wall, and 3 on the west wall.  The first is bottom center, about 2/3rd the way from left to right.  Ric (MPPIR) is sitting with a camera and other lighted equipment facing the jail cells.  The 3rd person is sitting nearly in the corner.  This person is a female tour guest and is about 5’6″ tall.

To include that the “Shadow Man” appears to in the enhanced (Photo 2.) to cover over slightly the right side of the person sitting in the corner.

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Photo 3.

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Photo 4.

For comparison I give you these pictures of Ralph (MPPIR), he is 6’7″.

Photo 3 is from the same evening and was taken at 1:27:40 AM.  Ralph had asked me to take this picture at the time.  This would be 14 minutes after the Shadow Man picture.  You can also see the sitting positions of the persons along the wall.

Photo 4 is for comparison and is a captured from my IR video camera.  It shows Ralph standing in the same corner as the “Shadow Man”.  Note Ralph’s height.  (This picture is from 5/21/2011, it is much newer)

You could say at this point that the “Shadow Man” is a picture of Ralph.  And though, like I do during a “round robin”, Ralph wanders around the cell block main floor.  Ralph not on the west side, he was on the east side of the cell block when Photo 1 was taken.

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Photo 5

I have learned that when taking photos in the dark while looking for ghosts, that a series of photos is the best course of action.

Photo 5, was taken 8/29/2010 1:12:56 AM.  This photo is a 20 second exposure.  Giving 5 seconds between the time my shutter closed and when I took Photo 1 (Shadow of a Man).

I have been doing this long enough to be able to rule out motion blur from someone walking.  Its easy enough as I take pictures showing what the investigators are wearing and compare this with any motion blur.  Most of the time you can make out clothing, faces etc… and know who it is.

Nobody walked in-front of my camera for Photo 5 or Photo 1. I personally can attest to this.  Though there is some movement amongst the persons sitting in the pictures you can still tell who they are.  If Ralph was along the west wall I should theoretically see him in Photo 5.

Now I do know that you can make a 7′ shadow with a flashlight, a wall and 1 person. There are multiple light sources here to deal with.  My UV flashlight.  I have already stated that it is located in my left hand being held above and to the left of the camera.  Ric’s video camera and other equipment is also emitting light.  Though for those lights from Ric’s equipment to cast a 7′ shadow on the wall someone short would have to be standing next to Ric.  There should also then be more white light on the wall.  So those lights to me do not explain the 7 foot tall shadow on the wall.

To make that shadow as clear as it is one of the two people sitting along the wall would have had to have stood up.  If they had you should see motion blur from them standing in the photo.  The contrast of their clothing would give them away.  The person in the corner is to far from Ric and to close to the wall to make a shadow of this type.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Photo 6. 8/29/2010 1:15:10 AM

Photo 7. 8/29/2010 1:15:10 AM

To add to the mystery I give you another photo taken shortly there after when I started my way down the cell block.

These photos leave me baffled.  The “Shadow of a Man” is not the only strange photo I have of that corner of the building.

Click here for Picture Library

Click here for Slide Show

©2011 Photos and Blog, Frank, MPPIR

The Blue Man Photo

To those that have talked to MPPIR members you will know this picture as “The Blue Man Photo”.  It was taken by a guest who was gracious enough to give us permission to use it.

I can’t give out her name but I can discuss the picture.

During a ghost tour in 2010 one of the Tour goers snapped this picture on her NIKON COOLPIX L19.  Now I know this is a point and click camera and does not have a lot of features to it.  Its a simple store bought camera that is in wide use.

The picture was taken on the 2nd floor, near the stairs in the Outlaws and Lawmen Jail Museum.  Behind the Bars you see is the stairwell leading down to the entrance are of the building.  Only two photo’s of this area have had anomalous features in them.

So my skeptical mind proceeds to try and explain the picture.

The Blue Man Photo

Clearly there is a blue form in the photo that I would as a 25 year photographer consider to be odd.   What most people first see is what looks like a blue face in the bottom of the picture.  It appears to be in the stairwell facing the the photographer.  Being in this building as much as I am I know for a fact there are no blue lights in that stairwell.  There is one green exit sign.

I can say that if you perceive a face in a picture that looks like its in mist or some other object that it should not be in then one has to consider the possibility of your own mind playing a trick on you.  Well call this trick paredoilia or matrixing.   So the only thing I see odd about the picture is the blue light.  You see I didn’t know where it came from.  The light in the stairwell during the session is a green light from the exit sign.

I went back and looked through my reference pictures of our set up and the pictures I took of this area.

From the Stairs Landing looking up.

The first reference photo show the top of the stairs.  Note the wall on the right.  Metallic, therefore reflective of light.  Also note the rivets in the wall.  There is also no door at the top of the stairs.  The photographer would have been standing on the left behind the bars.

Down the 2nd floor hallway.

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DVR Camera

This picture actually shows a typical DVR camera setup we use on the 2nd floor.  If you look to the far left down the hall you will see in the darkness a tripod with a DVR camera on it.  At its base I found my solution.  There is a motion detector!  We use motion detectors with our DVR cameras.  The motion detectors light up with a BLUE light.

Riddle solved.

The picture is an optical illusion.  You see what looks like a face suspended in the stairwell right behind the bars..  Remember though the camera takes the 3d world and makes it 2d.  The rivets give this one away.  They are from the wall across from the photographer.   Because a picture is a flat image of a 3d world and the way your mind works you don’t notice the wall behind.  Its dark and out of the way.  Also notice how the camera lens bends the bars.  This only adds to the illusion.  The flash on the camera lighting up the front of the picture does not help your with brain figuring out what it is looking at.  You end up perceiving a face that is just on the other side of the bars in the stairwell.  What you see though is the blue light from the motion detector reflecting off the metallic gray wall.  Your mind just makes you think its a face in the stairwell.

I have to rule this picture out as paranormal.

Apposing Viewpoint.

I could be wrong. We are dealing with the paranormal and paredoilia (matrixing). These concepts are theory. However, all Scientific fact begins as theory. It is through rigorous experimentation and review the theory is either disproved or accepted as scientific fact; until debunked by someone else. I would bring this point to bare when dealing with scientific research. Theories are in fact educated guesses based upon evidence presented. Science is not trying to prove a theory right but trying to disprove a theory. What if the face you see in the light is not a reflection of the light but a face formed by the light hitting something that our eyes do not see without the aid of a camera. Many pictures of spirit entities are not seen until picture is examined at a later date and time. You as the reader must examine the facts for yourself and make your own decisions.
Edit:  To Correct Apposing Viewpoint (Thank you Ric.)

EVP Analysis From Ghost Tour 4/16/2011

Who: Ric and Frank from MPPIR.  Unknown Others.

Where:  Jail Museum, Cripple Creek Colorado.  During Ghost Tour.

When:  4/16/2011

How:  Sony Digital Recorder

What:  EVP, Class C (Direct Response) “Yes”, Female Voice.

Requires headphones to hear the EVP or a really loud speaker system.

Original Take Of file.

I almost missed this one.  Its not unusual for someone to miss a Class C EVP.  They are soft and if you don’t use headphones you will miss them.   I was watching the graph while reviewing the main file and noticed a slight bump in the graph.  After hitting pause I backed up to this point.

Right Click to reload image if you see this.

Original File Spectral Freqency Display

As I had suspected there was something there.  If you look real close about 2/3rds the way from the left of the picture you can see a very slight spot in the graph.  Don’t see it?  Its there.  I also heard something there.  It is just difficult to make out.

Applied Noise Reduction and Gain (Volume) To EVP.

With a some noise reduction added I was able to clearly but barely hear a soft female voice on the recording.  It did not sound distant so I proceeded thinking I may have a Class C EVP on my hands.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Noise Reduction and Gain Enhanced

Now I hear her.  Soft still be clear with headphones.  This is a common EVP that we at MPPIR get within the Jail Museum.  Female voice saying, “Yes”.  Apparently she likes saying yes.

A note about Ric saying, “Thank You.”.  Ric is responding here to either a K-II meter lighting up or a flashlight coming on.  (ref: See Flashlight Game)

Do you hear her?  Leave me a comment on what your impression is.  Psychic impressions also welcome.

©2011 Recording and Screenshots, Frank C MPPIR

EVP’s From Ghost Tour 2/19/2011

Cripple Creek, Outlaws and Lawman Jail Museum 2/19/2011 Ghost Tour.

During Ghost hunts we do  pick up EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon).   MPPIR Investigator Ric has provided me with several EVP’s in the past.  So I have assembled a small collection of sound files with EVP’s from Ric.  These EVP’s are from 1 hour in the basement of the Jail Museum.  Most are cleaned up through a few audio filters so you can hear them better.

  • Who:
    • MPPIR, Ric & Susan
    • Tour Guests, 2 Females, 1 Male.
  • Where:
    • Basement level, in the “Ice Room”
  • When:
    • Between 7:50 pm and 9:10 pm 2/19/2011
  • How:  Digital Recording device. (Model unknown)

All the EVP files are MP3 converted and Noise Reduction was applied.  Most are amplified.  Some have been amplified in sections to hear the EVP (voice of the ghost?).  They are divided into regions.  This is a reference to a region marker on the master audio file.

Headphones are recommended.

Region 1

Response to Ric’s question.

The word sounds like “Flash” or “Yes” in a females voice to me.  I could be mistaken.  I did not hear this until I enhanced the audio and removed the white noise.  I also increased the volume at the point of the EVP so you can hear it better.  The original file is preserved for further analysis.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  Unknown voice on recorder at low volume.  Possible EVP

Region 2

Response to Ric’s question.  “Do you wish we asked smarter questions?”

The answer is “Yes” in a females voice.  Its pretty clear.  I did amplify the Voice answer.  The original is stored.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  EVP, direct response.

Region 3

Response to Ric’s Question “Are you an (or in) American?

Response is either “Yes” (my choice) or “No” what Ric thinks he hears on the recording.  None of the investigators heard a response.

Status:  EVP

Region 4

Response to Guest Investigator.

Part 1, Female Guest Investigator asks, “Are you still with us”.

Part 2, Male Guests Investigator states, “I think we need to go back to the Jokes.”


Enhanced Audio:  (for those without headphones the volume is turned up where the suspected EVP is)

I find this one most interesting for 2 reasons.  First is its a two responses back to back to two different people.  Also the first response (part 1) does not sound English to me.  I am not even sure what the “Female” is saying.  The second (part 2) is a clear yes to me. None of the investigators heard a response despite the laughter at the end.  They where laughing at the Male Investigators comment.

Status:  EVP both Part 1 and 2

Region 5

Ric again.  I enhanced the low level voices on this one pretty heavy.  I think the first 2 female voices are Susan and a Guest talking in the background.  After Ric’s second question though there is a voice of a drawn out “Yes”.  This I believe is an EVP.

Status:  EVP, the last “Yes”

If your wondering, yes that was 5 EVP’s in one hour.  Its normal for this building.

That wraps up our collection from Ric from the basement on 2/19/2011.  I am sure he will have more as I have a good amount from Ric still on my computer that I have not been through yet.

As a bonus Ric sent me this picture from 10/31/09 of the Basement Boiler area.  Its a rather interesting picture.  Like most images of ghostly figures its blurry.  I can’t explain how the photo ended up like this. If you can figure out what it is let us know.

Right Click To show Pictures if they dont load.

Ric's Ghost Picture 1

©2011, Audio file and Photo Ric MPPIR, Story and Evaluation Frank MPPIR

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