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Blanche Le Criox

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Blanche came from France at the turn of the last century to live and work in Cripple Creek. She was reputed to be a “Meyer’s Avenue Girl” but she had an affair with her boss and delivered a baby girl in 1920. His wife was not too happy with turn of events and threw acid in Blanche’s face causing her to wear a veil for the rest of her life. Her daughter was taken away from her when the girl was four years old to be raised by a family in Kansas, possibly a doctor. Later her daughter came to Cripple Creek, having found her mother only to be about a year late as Blanche had already died. Residents who grew up here remember her handing out fresh baked oatmeal cookies if they had the nerve to venture close to her remote cabin out of town.

MPPIR has investigated her cabin which has been moved to the District Museum property at the east end of Bennett Street. Blanche enjoys company, particularly Rick’s, pictured here in the red shirt (or maybe it was the red shirt!). The cabin is furnished as it might have been in the day but the picture on the dresser is believed to possibly be of her daughter. Make a point to visit her cabin to say “Bon Jour!” And let us know if she’s was at home.

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Her dresser with picture.
Photos:  Nancy

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