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Ghost Box Session 2/19/11

A “Ghost Box” is a AM/FM radio that has been converted to scan either the AM or FM bands without stopping.  This device is purported to pick up voices not from this plane of existence.  Its principle sounds somewhat like a Ouija board.

How it works is fairly simple.  One turns on the “Ghost Box” allowing it to scan the bands, typically the AM band, and the user asks questions.  Then awaits a response.

You tube Link:

This clip is taken from my video camera during a Ghost Tour at the Outlaw and Lawman Museum of Cripple Creek Colorado.

The Video camera was placed facing a window at night that has been known have activity.  This was during a public ghost tour of the building.

Right click and show picture.One of the guests had brought a “Ghost Box” with them.  This is a recording of the 10 minutes they where in the the Matron’s room.

Opinion:  It is this writers viewpoint that because the principle is the same as a Ouija Board .I would be concerned that most of what you can get out of it would be Demonic.  But I am coming from a point of view that has had a lot of bad experiences.

©2011, Photo’s and Story:  Frank, MPPIR


2 responses to “Ghost Box Session 2/19/11

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  2. Nancy April 21, 2011 at 10:06 am

    All these devices do is to help whatever is there to communicate with us. Shack-hacks were not invented to attract demonic anergy, so not to worry. My theory is that the voices do not come from the shack-hacks. The shack-hacks create an environment to facilitate communication. If nothing is there to communicate, the shack-hack will give you nonesense. Don’t play with it too long as it is useless at that time.

    But when something is around trying to communicate, it will give you information you can’t get any other way. We have gotten names and dates that guide us to places to look such as newspapers,police booking records and other archival information and we have found these people there. Proving that the name we got was from a person who actually existed!

    Or it will give messages for people in the room from people still on the planet, like an electronic psychic! I’d love to have a “ghost” walk up to me and tell me things but until that happens, I need the help of these shack-hacks.

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