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Picture of the Robed Lady

Story to date:The Robed Lady

The Robed Lady has been known to roam the basement and possibly the upstairs area of the Jail Museum.  Many sensitives (psychics, mediums) have mentioned her story and there has been a lot of consensus on the story in general.   I will not go into great detail about the story for now as we are still trying to gather information about this possible entity.

What we do know is she has been seen by at least one curator of the Museum and by a few investigators.  Common consensus is she paces the “Ice Room” and appears attached to the area.   Emotional reactions of some investigators have occurred including spontaneous crying.

  The Ice Room is located in the basement of the Jail Museum.  It is not available for public access as it is used for storage at this time.  Previous uses of the “Ice Room” include as a storage room for ice blocks and a temporary morgue.

More Pictures from investigations can be seen here:  (slide show)

The Robed lady has been captured on two other pictures to date.  I do not have access to these pictures at this time.

©2011 Photos & Story, Frank, MPPIR


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