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EVP Report From Feb 2010

This EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) report was first submitted by Frank (me).

It was obtained during a training session on Sun 1/24/2010.

This was my very first EVP and I got it on my very first paranormal investigation.  Call it beginners luck I guess.

Its actually a possibility of 8 different EVP’s.   All of them could be Class A EVP’s  one is a DC (Direct communication).

Mind you the Video was meant to be for internal use only.  Though I have decided to release it for the public.



Blanche Le Criox

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Blanche came from France at the turn of the last century to live and work in Cripple Creek. She was reputed to be a “Meyer’s Avenue Girl” but she had an affair with her boss and delivered a baby girl in 1920. His wife was not too happy with turn of events and threw acid in Blanche’s face causing her to wear a veil for the rest of her life. Her daughter was taken away from her when the girl was four years old to be raised by a family in Kansas, possibly a doctor. Later her daughter came to Cripple Creek, having found her mother only to be about a year late as Blanche had already died. Residents who grew up here remember her handing out fresh baked oatmeal cookies if they had the nerve to venture close to her remote cabin out of town.

MPPIR has investigated her cabin which has been moved to the District Museum property at the east end of Bennett Street. Blanche enjoys company, particularly Rick’s, pictured here in the red shirt (or maybe it was the red shirt!). The cabin is furnished as it might have been in the day but the picture on the dresser is believed to possibly be of her daughter. Make a point to visit her cabin to say “Bon Jour!” And let us know if she’s was at home.

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Her dresser with picture.
Photos:  Nancy

Outlaw & Lawman Jail Museum, Cripple Creek Colorado

Cripple Creek Colorado, the Teller County seat houses most of the first government buildings the area.  Located at 126 West. Bennett Ave  and built around 1901 is the first Teller County Jail.  The jail was in operation from 1901 to 1992.  Lacking a recreation area the jail closed as a regular use facility but remained in use as a temporary holding facility until 1996 when it was closed as a jail permanently.

Later reopened using funds from taxes on limited stakes gambling the Jail now stands as a museum.  Over the years though even while standing empty and decaying neighbors spoke of strange happenings at the jail.  Reports of persons inside and lights were common talk around town.

The Building itself is a simple red brick building and other than the bars on the windows is unremarkable.  With a basement and a small upstairs area the main cell block takes up most of the space inside.  

The upper floor was used in its early days as the women’s  holding area.  This floor has 3 cells, a bath, the juvenile cell and a Matron’s Room.

The first floor is where the Kitchen, in process area and office area.  The Kitchen is now used as the back office for the museum staff while the jailers office is now the gift shop.  The in process room is set up to look as an old west lawmen’s office.

The Main Cell block is a warehouse looking room with the steel bared cells located in the center, leaving a walk way around them.  Ten cells are located on the first level and four cells plus solitary on the top-level of the block.  The solitary confinement cell has no openings to the outside and at one time a single light was installed.

The basement level is not open to the public.  It has many interesting aspects to it though.  Divided into two distinct areas, the north side of the basement contains 3 rooms.  The main room as you enter at the bottom of the rickety staircase housed the coal-fired MPPI_Frank_Copley_2010_09_18_0046steam boiler.  This has been replaced with a more modern steam heating system as the building is still heated with the original steam pipes with some additions. 

In the northwest corner is a room with a coal chute used to store the coal for the old boiler.  It is now used for storage.  In the northeast corner is a small room now dubbed “The Ice Room”.  Just past an archway with no door lies this small room.  Once used to store ice (for an ice box) and as a temporary morgue.   This room as been much in the interests of ghost hunters.

The south end of the basement is presently used by the City of Cripple Creek for storage.  It has two entrances in from the rear of the building.  One a large steel barred door and the other a 1900’s steel door that is large enough to bring a carriage through.  The area originally was a wide open storage area.  The Laundry for the Jail may have been located in this area at one time.   There is one original room left.   The door to the Cantina for the jail is located along the north wall.  Graffiti mars the inside of the door of persons who have passed through this room.  It is now used for storage.

One last room to mention.  Under the stairs to the basement was rediscovered a small room with a single chair in it.  This room is rumored to have been used to place prisoners in to “steam” them or make them talk.

Album of pictures (Silverlight not required)

Slide Show of pictures of the Jail (MS Silverlight required)

The Flashlight Game

I suspect most of you have watched the television show “Ghost Hunters” or have that of some other paranormal groups, will likely recognize what has commonly been referred to as the “Flashlight Game” (or experiment) by various folks in the paranormal community.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, please allow me to describe the scenario. Typically, several investigators will sit in a dark room around a flashlight which is normally set on the floor or on a flat surface of some kind, and attempt communication by asking any entity present to turn the light on and off.  The light turning on or off, seemingly on its own, is then considered to be a response from entity or entities present.  Sadly, it appears that a fair number of people believe it is an effective method of communication… but is it?

But let’s take a minute to think about the flashlight itself.  You see, before the “flashlight experiment” can be carried out during a paranormal investigation, the flashlight must first be tampered with. In fact, what investigators do, depending on their particular model, is either push the switch or twist the cap precariously between the on and off position, thus making the instrument that much more delicate. At this position, little if any vibration from a person or the environment is required to cause the light to turn all the way on, off, or flicker.

A flashlight contains several parts that come together to make the device work. Among these parts are contact strips, the switch, and the bulb or LED. Batteries, of course, are also essential to the use of most models. Activated by a switch allowing the flow of electrons, the filament in the bulb, or an LED begins to glow thus producing light. Disrupting the flow of this electricity, which is exactly what happens when you place the flashlight between the ON/OFF positions, i.e. unscrewing the body, creates an open circuit and, as a direct result, it doesn’t work as designed.

But what, you ask, about the responses investigators seem to get from ghosts in regards to the questions asked? Now that we know the flashlight is being used improperly, and is malfunctioning as a result, these alleged responses become suspect. One of the major problems with this method is how unscientific it is used in conjunction with a paranormal investigation. By example paranormal researchers are taking the flashlight only to locations they believe may be haunted and are using the flickering light to prove their case! Why aren’t the investigators testing the validity of the method in locations they don’t believe to be haunted? Perhaps the investigators have, but where is this mentioned?  If the “flashlight game” is attempted in a non-haunted setting and behaves in a similar fashion, why would anyone believe it would be any different in a reportedly haunted location?

In conclusion, the “flashlight game” as used by ghost hunting groups on television, and in amateur teams around the country, is a severely flawed method for obtaining scientific validation of ghost communication. It can be explained easily by non-paranormal means as simple manipulation of the flashlight itself and an all too eager community of believers.

Don’t get me wrong here there could be something in all this however more true science is need… so I propose a challenge to all of you playing the “flashlight game” …

1)     Use 2 flashlights, one with a black body, the other some other color such as red or blue.

2)     Place the units on a platform that will absorb vibration, and that has clamps to hold part of the flashlight body still.

3)     Instruct the entity to turn on the black flashlight for “yes”, the red flashlight for ”no”.

Remember these entities were people once too, or so some believe, as such they should be able to understand something more simple commands.

Ghost Box Session 2/19/11

A “Ghost Box” is a AM/FM radio that has been converted to scan either the AM or FM bands without stopping.  This device is purported to pick up voices not from this plane of existence.  Its principle sounds somewhat like a Ouija board.

How it works is fairly simple.  One turns on the “Ghost Box” allowing it to scan the bands, typically the AM band, and the user asks questions.  Then awaits a response.

You tube Link:

This clip is taken from my video camera during a Ghost Tour at the Outlaw and Lawman Museum of Cripple Creek Colorado.

The Video camera was placed facing a window at night that has been known have activity.  This was during a public ghost tour of the building.

Right click and show picture.One of the guests had brought a “Ghost Box” with them.  This is a recording of the 10 minutes they where in the the Matron’s room.

Opinion:  It is this writers viewpoint that because the principle is the same as a Ouija Board .I would be concerned that most of what you can get out of it would be Demonic.  But I am coming from a point of view that has had a lot of bad experiences.

©2011, Photo’s and Story:  Frank, MPPIR

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